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    Representing the highest standards

    in Ireland for boarding kennels and catteries.

    The IBKCA is the only organisation representing

    Boarding Kennels and Catteries in Ireland.


  • What IBKCA offers you as a Member

    As an IBKCA member you give your customers piece of mind. They can rest assured that their loved pet is in the best of care. In addition to that, however, there are so many other benefits to being a member.

    IBKCA - recognised for providing the highest standard for boarding kennels and catteries.


    We are recognised for providing the highest standard of animal husbandry for boarding kennels and catteries in Ireland.

    IBKCA - members support each other


    Being a member means you are part of a community that supports each other to promote the care of animals and which grows your business.

    IBKCA members enjoy access to discounts and more


    By leveraging the power of our organisation, members get access to discounts and courses.

    IBKCA members are kept informed of laws and regulations


    Be kept informed of laws and regulations affecting you and your business. You can be better prepared for any change either proposed or that must be implemented.

    IBKCA members enjoy online promotion through our website and Facebook

    Online Promotion

    Members enjoy online promotion through the directory listing of our website and through our Facebook page.

  • Settings the Standards for Boarding Kennels and Catteries

    We aim to support members who are constantly striving to provide top quality animal care. We recognise that pet owners want to be assured of the best of care, comfort and safety for their loved pet. IBKCA does not publicly endorse members until we have visited their premises in an informal advisory capacity. Membership helps to support the high standards that all pets should enjoy and its good business too. To join or get more information, contact us today.

  • IBKCA Approved Kennels & Catteries

    See below to find a list of IBKCA Approved Boarding Kennels and Catteries.