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    The IBKCA is the only association representing boarding kennels & catteries in this country. It was founded in late 2006 by a group of boarding kennel owners who were concerned by the lack of standards and support within our industry.

  • Our Mission: to establish a standard of excellence in all IBKCA approved establishments.


    Our Aim: to support members who are constantly striving to provide top quality animal care. A Code of Ethics has been adopted together with Defra’s Five Freedoms (Dept. Environment, Food & Rural Affairs). This code governs all members and covers our commitments to animal care, our customers, the industry and the community. To this end we strive to provide information to assist members in all aspects of running a reputable and successful business. We sponsor regular seminars for its members on animal management, financial management, social media, Canine first aid, insurance, knowledge of and compliance with the law as it applies to our industry.


    Our Standards: Owners who need to board their pets want to be assured of the very best care, comfort and safety for them. Therefore an IBKCA publicised Kennel or Cattery must provide the best possible standard of care. To this effect the IBKCA does not publicly endorse any member until we have visited their premises in an informal advisory capacity. This advice is even now more important for kennel owners and prospective kennel owners in view of the Government’s decision to include all Commercial Boarding Kennels under the 2012 Dog Breeding Kennels Act. Kennels meeting IBKCA standards should have no difficulty in obtaining this now mandatory license.

    What Membership Offers

    • Prestige - IBKCA logo on your website, your stationery and in your reception area. 
    • Greater exposure of your business through your own personal page on IBKCA website with a direct link to your own website.
    • Social Media exposure for your business on our IBKCA Facebook page.
    • Attractive promotional material you may use to advertise your business.
    • An opportunity to enjoy the support of a group of like-minded caring, dedicated people.


    First year fees (includes fee for visiting boarding kennel or cattery)
    Kennels or Kennels plus Cattery €150
    Cattery Only €100


    Subsequent year fees
    Kennels or Kennels plus Cattery €80
    Catterty Only €40


    Payment can be made online with your application either by Direct Debit (using GoCardless) or by Paypal subscription. Application can be made at the link below.

    Additional Information

    For information on setting up a new kennel or cattery, click here.

    For useful websites, click here.

    Things IBKCA can help you with

    • Preparing Statutory Safety Notices, Health & Safety Notices, Booking Contract forms, etc.
    • Canine First Aid Certification
    • Seminars to help develop your business
    • Practical advice on what, in the light of hindsight gained as a result of our years in the Boarding business, we would and would not do if we were starting up our businesses again.

    The Law

    Commercial Boarding establishments now come under the Dog Breeding Act of 2010. Co. Councils have started writing to Kennel owners and issuing them with registration forms. A letter that was recently received from a Veterinary Officer regarding the law can be seen here.


    Note: Councils are not applying the €800 breeding license fee to boarding kennel establishments but boarding kennels do have to pay the €400 general license fee.

    Our Website (www.ibkca.ie) and Social Media

    Our website gives prospective clients easy access to all IBKCA approved and current member Boarding Kennels and Catteries. Our website provides each member with a personal page on which to let prospective clients know about all their services and show pictures of their business to potential clients. This page is also linked to their own main website. Our Facebook page further promotes our members and their services.

  • We're all about providing the best standards of care for kennels and catteries in Ireland. To join, apply here.

    The link below will bring you to an online registration form. When completed, you will be given additional links where you can make initial payment. If you have any questions, contact us at ibkca.ie@gmail.com.