Dog Breeding Act of 2010

Commercial Boarding establishments come under this act

The Law

Commercial Boarding establishments come under the Dog Breeding Act of 2010. Co. Councils have started writing to Kennel owners and issuing them with registration forms.

Recently received letter:

"To each Commercial Boarding Kennel Proprietor

Re: Dog Breeding Establishments Act 2010

In accordance with Section 2 of the above act, commercial boarding kennels, by default, fall within the definition of Dog Breeding Establishments (DBE). The inclusion by default of commercial boarding kennels was necessary in order to control illegal boarding kennel activities. To mitigate the default application of the act to commercial boarding kennels. Section 9 (18) (d) of the act exempts commercial boarding kennels from the Dog Breeding Establishment registration fee.

In order to comply with this legislation, you are required to contact this department forthwith to apply for the DBE registration of your premises. This will entail an inspection of your premises and the issuance of a DBE registration certificate which you must display in your premises. *There is no cost involved in this process.

May I remind you that failure to comply with this DBE registration requirement is an offence. 

Mise le Meas,


*NOTE: By no additional cost the Councils are not apply the €800 breeding license fee to boarding kennel establishments be we do have to pay the €400 general license fee. 

Dog Breeding Act of 2010

Minister Hogan's letter below introducing the Dog Breeding Act of 2010. The link referenced in the letter is no longer active. The guidelines are now available here.

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