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    Hello to you all and hope you are enjoying the bank holiday weekend ( if possible when we all have so many dogs/cats staying) !!!! Just before the real busy summer season starts we have organised a seminar in Callan, Kilkenny with Samantha Rawson . Samantha has the canine college in Thomastown...
    March 14, 2018 · Events and Courses
    Our colleague and friend Emer O’Brien will be running her splendid Kennel & Cattery Management Course (LIMITED AVAILABILITY REMAINING) on a series of 8 Sundays per month from April ’18 to Nov. ’18 inclusive. This is facilitate Kennel & Cattery owners or prospective owners to have the possibility...
    January 5, 2018 · News and Information
    There is a SCAM targeting Boarding Kennels (I have personal experience) except I have been cautious.  It goes like this….. Contact will be made by a person coming to Ireland to work on contract and bring their dog with them, wishing to board, giving the dates etc., and asking for your contract...
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