Kennel & Cattery Management Course

Limited Availability - April to November, 2018

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Our colleague and friend Emer O’Brien will be running her splendid Kennel & Cattery Management Course (LIMITED AVAILABILITY REMAINING) on a series of 8 Sundays per month from April ’18 to Nov. ’18 inclusive. This is facilitate Kennel & Cattery owners or prospective owners to have the possibility to complete this comprehensive course in Cork.  The course requires submission of a project and completion of a written examination at the end of the course.  It will take place in a CORK CITY HOTEL (tbc) on 22nd april 2018. from 10am to 4pm. The cost is €490.

Emer will cover at least 9 or 10 vital points relating to this extensive learning programme.  To confirm your place on this course you may contact Emer  on

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