Scam Targeting Boarding Kennels

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There is a SCAM targeting Boarding Kennels (I have personal experience) except I have been cautious.  It goes like this….. Contact will be made by a person coming to Ireland to work on contract and bring their dog with them, wishing to board, giving the dates etc., and asking for your contract and conditions. They will be very happy with your website and when all is fairly well in place a cheque will arrive for over and above the required amount.  Here is the catch….. The name and address of the Transport Company but no Tel. No. and (I AMA TELEPHONE PERSON) will appear with the instructions that you will pay the Transport person via Western Union from your own Cr. Card and that immediately the little dog will start his journey to your Kennels, hence the over payment of the cheque.  Now to make it more plausible several emails all very friendly and seemingly above board will pass between you telling of how they are so worried regarding their little pet, they are not past using the EMOTIONS etc., Need I say the cheque is a fraud.  Fortunately I smelled a RAT when the payment to the Transport Co., had to be paid by me in advance. Normally the payment is at source.  By the way when I ‘phoned the Directory no Tel.No. was listed and the address was a made up one,  even the Town in England didn’t exist